arne rlkerte-kenhe


sap from desert bloodwood tree (eucalyptus terminalis, opaca).

id:7596 order:459

Arrkipere-iperre kwatye utyene alhewelhetyeke.
Bloodwood sap mixed with water is used to wash sores.
snake vine (tinospora smilacina)

id:7595 order:458

Arratherrke ake arntemele, tnerte arntemele, ayernelhenhe-alhenhe.
Snake vine can be wrapped around the head or the waist to relieve aches and pains.
red poverty bush (eremophila duttonii)

id:7597 order:460

Aherre-intenhe kwatyele itemele artwengkwelkenge alhewelhe-tyeke.
People with colds boil poverty bush leaves in water to wash themselves.
apere tyelke
river red gum bark

id:7591 order:454

Apere tyelkele itemele akaperte, utyene alhewelhe-tyeke.
You cook the inner bark of the river red gum and then wash your head or sores with it.
arlewatyerre antere
goanna fat

id:7592 order:455

Arlewatyerre anterele apernelhe-tyarte mwerre anetyeke.
People used to rub goanna fat on themselves to keep healthy.
corkwood honey

id:7588 order:451

Untyeyampe kwatyeke-arleke arrernemele antyweme rlkerte-arle.
You put corkwood honey in water and drink it when you are sick.