kuka palyaṟa ngalkuntja

meat preparation and eating

become cooked

id:9986 order:556

Palulanguṟu maḻu waṟungka walangaṟatjuṟa wantinyi ka tangkaringanyi.
Then one places the kangaroo on its back leaving it (to cook) in the fire and it becomes cooked.
cut, break

id:9984 order:554

Munu tjaṟarpungkula waṟu kurultjuṟa tiliṟa maḻu witaṟa wipu tjina kaṯaṉi.
Then he digs a fire pit, throws firewood onto it and lights it and then singes the kangaroo (fur on the fire) and cuts off the tail and feet.
clean out guts

id:9985 order:555

Nyangangku maḻu nyuru tjipuṟungkaṉi kilinaṟa waṟungka pauṉtjikitjangku.
This (person) is squeezing the offal out of the kangaroo intestines making them clean to cook in the fire.
alinytjaṟa katinyi
carry meat over shoulder

id:9981 order:551

Wati nyangangku maḻu raipulangka pauṟa alinytjaṟa katinyi ngurakutu.
This man, having shot a kangaroo with his rifle, is carry it home over his shoulder.
skewer (for kangaroo)

id:9982 order:552

Wati nyangangku tjuni aḻaṟa tipinytjunanyi manta tjarpanytjaku-tawara.
This man, having opened (and emptied) the stomach is skewering it shut so that dirt doesn’t get in.
disjoint animal before cooking

id:9983 order:553

Wati nyangangku maḻu pauntjikitjangku ngaṉmanytju tjunta karultjingaṉi.
In order to cook the kangaroo this man is first of all dislocating it’s legs.