edible grubs

river red gum

id:9955 order:515

Apaṟa panya tjuṯa karungka ngaṟanyi - nyara paluṟu tjana kuḻu makuku ngura.
There are many river red gums growing in creek beds – they too are homes for witchetty grubs.
maku paḻkapiṯi
maku ilytjaliṯi
grub from branch of river red gum

id:9956 order:518

Nyanganpa iṯaṟa miṉangka ngaripai maku panya ilytjaliṯi.
These edible grubs live in river red gum branches.
wakaṟa tukultjingaṟa kulini
tap the ground to listen for a hollow sound

id:9951 order:510

Minyma nyangangku manta wakaṟa tukultjingaṟa kulini makuku.
This woman is poking the ground listening for a hollow sound in order (to find) witchetty grubs.
witchetty bush (Acacia kempeana)

id:9952 order:511

Minyma kutjarangku puṉu ilykuwara nyinara tjawaṉi makuku.
These two women are sitting digging at a witchetty bush for witchetty grubs.
maku ilykuwara
witchetty grub

id:9953 order:512

Nyangatja pula maku ilykuwara wayatjarangka tjunu ngula ngalkuntjikitjangku.
Those two put these witchetty grubs in a billycan for eating later.
termite hill, ant bed

id:9954 order:513

Akulyuku ngura kutjara - kutju waṟa, iwitiwiti, kutjupa putu, tjaṟu.
Termites live in two sorts of homes – one tall, called a iwitiwiti, and the other called putu, which is low.