nyaaya palyaṉi?

what are they doing?

play, have fun

id:10055 order:635

Wati tjuṯa tjapu-tjapungka inkanyi, kaya aṉangu tjuṯangku nyakula miranyi.
The men are playing football and the people watching cheer (them on).
put to sleep

id:10056 order:636

Minymangku iṯi kunkuntjunanyi ampungka kunkunarinytjaku.
The woman is putting the baby to sleep so that it will sleep in her arms.

id:10057 order:637

Ngunytjungku tjitji ampuṉi manta waṟungku tjina kampanytjaku-tawara.
The mother is holding the child so that the hot ground doesn’t burn his feet.
tjaṉaṟa katinyi
carry on back

id:10058 order:638

Tjitji pakuringkunyangka ngunytjungku tjaṉaṟa katinyi.
Because the child has gotten tired his mother is carrying him on her back.
piniṟa katinyi
carry on shoulder

id:10059 order:639

Minyma nyangangku tjitji ulanyangka piniṟa katinyi.
This woman is carrying the crying child on her shoulders.
peep (from behind something)

id:10060 order:640

Minymangku nguḻungku kumpiṟa nyirkinyi pitjala pungkunytjaku-tawara.
The woman is hiding in fear and peeking out lest (someone) come and hit her.